Duggar Clan

Let's talk about Michelle Duggar and her offspring. During my one pregnancy, my body convinced me it was actually melatonin factory. I was in bed more than your average house cat. During the end of my gestation I had to rock back and forth to gain enough momentum to roll on my side, and then roll on the floor to freedom from my bed's embrace. I still do kegels at stop lights to stop the pee that will most definitely haunt me during my daily runs. Not sure my hips ever readjusted. After my introduction to Post Partum, I vowed never to meet her again. My bosom's had zero volume after I breastfed. Do Michelle's looked steam pressed? I'm not going to touch on sleep deprivation here--I fear I've still not caught up.

The 19 children, whose names all begin with 'J' and range in ages from 23 months to 23 years, and are home schooled. All 'Js' get quality time with their parents as Mr. Duggar works at home, which allows him to cart the children with him to run errands. Which leads me to believe they must own a school bus.

It is the Duggar's right to have as many children as they want, after all only 19k people died of hunger today. They continue to reproduce for valid reasons. Mrs. Duggar said 'they didnt want to stop at an odd number', which is a more than logical. No one wants to have an odd number in their whole family. I however think the real reason they continue reproducing is to dominate China as the world's biggest carbon footprint.

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