More than social status or old money. More than beauty and wealth; more than estates and vacations. More than gifts or gold. More than cars and cashmere. More than vintage books and music. More than talent and fame. More than your last name. More than skills and wit. More than education and your MBA. Make me laugh, you’ll have my heart. More than what my hands hold. More than what the wind whispers to the flowers. More than your next win or our failing economy. More than our escape to push paper at our 9-5. More than the priceless art that stays, along with the money we didn’t have, the cars we couldn’t afford, and the MACs we used as status symbols. More than my favorite party dress, the China I haven’t registered for, and the secrets I keep. I’ll take our memories along with my integrity as I never learned to lie. I’ll take my failures to prove I tried. I’ll take my disappointments because I had dreams. I’ll take my broken heart because I loved. I’ll take the funnies, I’ve had so many. I’ll take my hopes because they drive me. My desires to prove I’m human. I’ll pack my anxieties to toss out the window. My insecurities to conquer them. Immaturity because I wont grow up. I’ll pack my ambition for encouragement. My creativity in hopes of improving it. Fears because they haunt me. loyalty because I know no other. I’ll bring my shame to get healed. I’ll pack my heart because just as naturally as we once fit together, it still beats for you.