Dr. Jamie Michael uses the same degree of pressure to adjust her patients as you would to test the ripeness of a tomato. Her objective is to correct subluxations—a misalignment of the spine, which irritates the nerves between the vertebrae, blocking messages from connecting with the brain. Slight amounts of spinal pressure will prevent information from transferring to the central nervous system, which is responsible for controlling the functions of the body. Adjustments remove pressure, allowing messages to be sent and received correctly.

Dr. Jamie works daily with autistic children. As opposed to focusing on specific symptoms, she cares for her patients as a whole. The spectrum of autism is broad so with each distinct case her techniques are tailored. As long as misalignment continues, many behavioral remedies for autism are ineffective as it’s almost impossible to progress when this underlying issue persists. Although she’ll never categorize her patients, she’s found gut interruption to be the most familiar disorder among autistic children. Gut interruption occurs when the body is unable to digest particular foods or with the ingestion of toxins. The body responds to this inflammation by using of all its energy to heal the digestive tract, leaving minimal resources to heal the brain and the lining of our nerves. Alignment reconnects the brain to the body, which stops the inflammation response to allow the nervous system to focus on these other areas—areas that are critical for a person with autism.

With her patients aligned, their nervous system operates at its most effective state. Dr. Jamie emphasizes that her work itself doesn’t heal autism but facilitates the body’s natural healing process to permit the nervous system to communicate freely to manage physical, chemical and emotional stressors. Her patients become less sensitive to their environments, handling social situations more easily because they can cope for longer periods with sensory overload, such as loud noises, skin irritations, and fluorescent lights. Stressors that seem natural to someone without autism but stressors that provokes the fight or flight response for individuals with autism.

Since the body operates in a state of disease when it isn’t aligned, the majority of Dr. Jamie’s clients come into her office at their wits end. Dr. Jamie sees improvement with all of her patients. Recently working with an autistic child who was able to ride a bicycle after just one week of adjustments. By finding and correcting their misalignments, she placing the body into better balance physically and neurologically. Regular treatments help ensure a functioning nervous system.