Thursday's While You Were Rearing

[adsenseyu5] Penn State fired Paterno and removed its President, Graham B. Spanier on Wednesday night.

Cain is expected to call Governor Perry to thank him for stealing the spotlight in Michigan's Wednesday night debate. Perry forgot the name of the third federal agency he vows to cut if elected. It would have been better if he feigned sickness and crawled off stage--the moment was akin to hearing your best friend toot for a solid 54 seconds while giving a presentation. According to Sara Taylor Fagen, a Republican strategist who advised Mr. Bush.“It was a political death knell, there’s just no recovering from a moment like that when you’ve had such a bad record of debates.” If you're easily embarrassed by other people's mishaps, don't click the link below.

Wait Wait Don't Tell Me!!

Thursday's word of the day is pansophy, which means universal wisdom or knowledge.

This is given by Mother, She Wrote to Jon Jarvis, the top federal parks official at the Grand Canyon, who vows to continue selling water bottles in the Grand Canyon after a meeting with Coca Cola because he needs more information before making a decision. Plastic bottle toxins normally decompose and end up in the ocean, which isn't a parks officials problems--losing funds from Coca Cola is.


Gift your loved one with a town coat this holiday season. This seasons must have for the man who can't decide if he wants to wear a sports coat or an overcoat. A town coat is the perfect man capri. If you're archaic and abstain from online shopping, Walmart will open its doors at 10pm this Thanksgiving, instead of the standard midnight, don't be the last to get your Man Capri.

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="190" caption="Standard Man Capri"][/caption]

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