While You Were Rearing, Friday Edition

[adsenseyu5] President Obama puts off the seven billion dollar Keystone Oil pipeline decision until after the elections while The White House studies an alternate route through Nebraska. The three-year project designed to carry oil from Canada to Texas, will add to global warming and extend our dependence on fossil fuels while doing extensive environmental damage along the route. Sweet.

Mother, She Wrote gives this week's Disgrace Award to Calvin Gibbs, a marine who killed three Afghanistans last year for sport. The court sentenced him to life in prison on Thursday but he could be eligible for parole in 10 years. Here is the Times Magazine article from earlier this year.

Perry tried humor to neutralize the fall out of the debate, however embarrassment is turning to alarm as campaign supporters wonder if the incident impacts his ability to challenge Romney. As no political analyst, my opinion is if you can't remember three programs you're going to cut in office, you're probably not the best fit to run a nation.

Is Cain the next candidate? Shockingly, another women is lurking in the alley to accuse Cain of sexual harassment. Like any woman taking a restroom break, Karen Kraussaar doesn't intend to talk or come forward until the other women come forward with her.

If you want to hear a stomach talk in a Brooklyn accent or heal your inner child, you can do both by visiting the Eat Sleep Play abstract exhibit in New York. Designed to teach health to children in ways vivid and playful, that are both memorable and easy to understand. Did you know orange juice has more calories than soda; sleep deprivation causes cravings for fat and sugar; and it takes 8 to 15 tries to persuade a child to accept a new food, you would if you went to the exhibit.


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