While You Were Rearing, Wednesday Edition

Just so you make the most of today, UN weapon inspectors speculate Iran is covertly experimenting to make nuclear weapons--they are further along than previously suspected.

Republican candidate Cain fired back in a nationally televised news conference even after the second women came forward publicity. He's willing to take lie detector test to prove "I've never acted inappropriately with with anyanyanyone. PPPeriod."  Cain will move forward with his bid for GOP nomination. Is Cain lying or telling the truth?

Joe Paterno is Wednesday's dbag of the week. The 84-year-old Penn State coach takes heat because of a sexual abuse scandal involving his assistant Jerry Sanduski. Sunduski has been charged with sexual abusing eight boys in the course of 15 years. Paterno saw a 'shower incident,' reported it to the athletic director but did nothing more. Both Paterno and University officials knew of the ongoing abuse. Paterno teaches us how to end your 46th season as a loser.

Felix Sanchez de la Vega Guzman is 66 years old, doesn't speak english, and has built a 19 million dollar food empire spanning coast to coast. He immigrated to New York City from Mexico 40 years ago and insulated himself with other non-English speaking immigrants to avoid everyday experiences requiring him to learn English. He's running a 2-day business seminar for OWErs; first to teach them how to form a business plan, second on how not to shun and alienate people. Translators are available upon request.


Finally, this week's game is to name the socialite/American philanthropist, who if alive today, would have owned this dog? Every guess gets a free subscription to my blog, and the winner gets a $10 Barnes and Noble card.

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Efficiency Tip

According to electricity providers, heating water is your second biggest energy cost. Turn down thermostat to 120 degrees, check for leaks in your facet, and turn off the water while brushing your teeth. Doesn't Elmo tell us this anyway?