Wednesday's Words of Wisdom

Cotton prices are increasing due to water shortages leaving business concerned.  Levi's is so concerned they are now suggesting we wash our jeans in cold water--if at all. We can easily kill these germs by simply freezing them to death. A little cohabitation of your jeans germs and frozen veggies. The Greek Government has plunged into chaos over the debt crisis. Prime Minister Papandreou no longer has the support of his people, even his own party has asked him to step down, allowing Americans to finally take a deep breath--at least the US Government isn't alone in its demise.

Bank of America has decided not to charge customers a 5 dollar fee for each use of their debit card. Sadly, this was decided by BoA only after larger banks backed out of this protocol. Way to take initiative BoA. You could have been the first bank to lose all your customers in one day.

A new study shows that even 3 drinks a week increases the risks for breast cancer in women. The good news is that this study produces different results weekly so, just keep consuming.

In Harlem, a little bolt fueled a huge fire. Literally, a single nut on a fuel injector wasn't tightened and was the culprit of a large fire earlier this year. Small things do make a difference. Yes you should pass this along.

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