Over Nourished is Malnourished

[adsenseyu5] Authorities just took the 8 year boy, "Nameless," out of his mother's home and placed him in foster care for weighing 218 lbs. According to the Department of Children and Family Services, Nameless was placed in foster care for medical neglect. They worked with the mother for more than a year about his weight problem. Nameless suffers from sleep apnea, but doesn't suffer from childhood diabetes or high blood pressure. Nameless participates in school activities and he's on the honor roll.


Over the past 10 years type 2 diabetes in children has increased by 150 percent. Nameless should have weighed around 52 lbs. Sadly, 20% of children ages 6-11 are obese, and 30 to 40% will develop diabetes. These same children are also at risk for heart disease, high blood pressure and cholesterol, along with depression.


Overeating is a form of malnutrition. It's very easy to blame parents but we should also focus on what our children are eating at school. If our children were under nourished at school, our reaction to the school lunch program would be much different. Singapore increased nutrition in its school lunch programs and physical activity for children and teachers and reduced obesity by almost 30–50%. Why can't we? Most recently we were blocked by Special Interest Groups. Here's an earlier post as a recap.