Tomato Paste Is A Veggie

[adsenseyu5] The Agriculture Department tried to curb childhood obesity by making the first change to the school lunch program in 15 years. In an unforeseen twist, Special Interest Groups such as ConAgra, Coca-Cola, and Del Monte Foods intercepted the proposal, inflamed that this change would result in increased food prices--.14 cents per meal.

Purchased Lawmakers drafted a 'compromise' that blocked the Agriculture Department from using funds to introduce novelties such as fruits and vegetables. Rules would have cut sodium in half within 1o years and altered the way schools got credit for serving luxuries such as tomato paste on pizza. Specials pulled a tantrum when they realized the change would include adding an extra serving of tomato paste per pizza--resulting in a manipulated user experience. Deceiving innocent children into consuming their 5-7 servings of fruits and/or veggies a day is against Specials' Company Policy.

The following statement seems like satire, but sadly I'm not poking fun here: The companies called the Congressional response reasonable, adding that the Agriculture Department went too far in trying to improve nutrition in school lunches. 

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