While You Were Rearing, Tuesday Edition

[adsenseyu5] The Supreme Court will hear the health care overhaul challenge between the federal government and 26 states to decide if congress overstepped boundaries by requiring health insurance. Many doctors and hospitals have already cut income in other areas and are dependent on this mandatory coverage of patients for revenue. If the Supreme Court decides congress did overstep their boundaries, these people are screwed.


Obama campaign volunteers from 2008 have formed a "Young People Who Got You Elected By Going Door to Door in Sometimes Extreme Weather Conditions" committee for 2012. Objectives include talking about voting for Obama, but vowing to do no leg work or promotion of any kind for him for the upcoming election. According to the Committee Chair, "We want to give back what was given."


Billy Hunter announced NBA players rejected the leagues latest offer. Players and League owners will cease redundant meetings, and reruns of Jersey Shore to volunteer to help the almost 7 million children under 5 who would have died today if they kept arguing. NBA Players = HOPE.

Police in riot gear cleared out Oakland early this morning because of health and safety issues, however; protesters secretly returned after Google's Lab donated invisible tents.

The Department of Transportation fined American Eagle airlines $900,000 on Monday  for keeping 608 passengers on board various flight for more than three hours at Chicago O’Hare in May. Ms. Aiken of 42C, who sat nearest the lavatory, is filling for a Nasal Passages Hardship, as these passed away on her flight.


Regis waves goodbye to Kelly, and leaves his syndicated show at the end of this week. He has logged more hours on broadcast tv than anyone since 1947. Regis aspires to use this accomplishment to join the cast of SNL or become a Supreme Court Justice.


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Banning medical research on chimpanzees and gorillas would save 30 million dollars a year.