Breeder's Choice Update

[adsenseyu5] Romney and Cain are polling downward and Gingrich gains ground. Gingrich is now tied with Romney at 18-19% of the vote. there was little mudslinging in the recent GOP debate in South Carolina, which focused on foreign policy.

Sadly, Rick Perry's Opps moment has gotten even more coverage. Opps was recently featured on SNL, and Perry has agreed to go on Letterman to talk about Opps. Opps is more than damaging to Perry because it happened at the end of the debates while he's trying to prove he's not only smart enough to compete, but specifically that knows his facts. He's now in the single digits in some polls but there's a chance the 54 seconds Opps may humanize him. He avoided Opps Saturday at the South Carolina debate. However, Opps continues to raise questions about his ability to go against Barak Obama.

Ironically, Cain had his two most successful days of fundraising after the first woman came forward. This scandal hasn't hurt Cain as much as Perry's Opps. According to Gloria Cain, “I’m thinking he would have to have a split personality to do the things that were said.” Fox News released excerpts of the interview Sunday night, the interview will be broadcast this evening.

Foot in mouth incident occurred when CBS News’s political director, John Dickerson accidentally sent an email to Michelle Bachmann's communications director saying he would rather “get someone else” other than Bachmann for a show airing after the CBS News Journal debate on Saturday night since Bachmann was “not going to get many questions” and “she’s nearly off the charts."

The results are still unclear as a few candidates have made such recent mistakes that they may not have time to correct. Less than 50 days until voting begins and some of this time is taken up by holidays.


The next debate will be in Washington DC on November 22.




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