While You Were Rearing Monday Edition

[adsenseyu5] Google has a secret lab that even most employees aren't aware of with engineers and robotics experts working to tackle 100 seemingly impossible ideas including robots that go to work while you stay home. With unemployment so high, OWSers now flock to the 'Secret Lab' to picket, demanding Google invent invisible tents instead.

The debate over health care overhaul is focusing on the limits of federal power and whether Congress overstepped its boundaries with this mandate asking questions such as, "If the Government can require people to purchase health insurance what else?" Possibly chocolate? I wouldn't fight mandatory purchases of chocolate.

Banks are still corrupt and are secretly raising consumer fees as they try to make up 12 billion dollars of income resulting from laws that prevent them from charging consumers to use debit cards, and limiting overdraft fees. Bank of America will replace lost debit cards for 5 dollars and for 20 dollars you may have it rushed.

Burlusconi stepped down on Saturday after 17 years in office.  The former businessman spent his time in office sprinkled with sex scandals and corruptions trials. Most recently he's been in the news for house parties with various women and a prostitute named Ruby Heartstealer. He's faced with having sexual relations with a minor and aiding her release from custody when she was arrested for theft. Burlusconi=Honor. Thankfully, his political party is still in power and he owns Italy's largest private broadcaster.





Congressional Deficit Reduction Committee is looking for an escape hatch after Republicans on the committee soften their stance on tax increases. The Committee has a little more than a week to finish its work deciding how to cut 1.2 trillion over 10 years--automatic cuts start in 2013 if the panel falls short.

Lobbying by pro gun groups has loosened gun laws across the country, leaving states to decide when a felon can get their guns back. Leaving states to decide when a FELON can get their GUNS back.

NBC hired Chelsea Clinton as a full-time special news correspondent, attempting to secure their 5th place primetime position. NBC is on shaky ground. Along with mandatory health care, Congress has recently made it illegal to watch networks that have fallen to 6th place and lobbyists are working around the clock to force lawmakers to seize cable boxes from those who are convicted. This combined with new mandates for continual Jersey Shore reruns for tanning bed abusers, is leaving cable watchers uneasy.

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