Occupy Noun(s) Not Parks

[adsenseyu5] Police have cleared Zucotti park. Will the Occupy Wall Street movement die without a park to occupy? I suggest occupying the polls but protesters have suggested taking all their money out of banks or refocusing the movement to support a political candidate.

I'm part of the 99% too and I've made more progress with their movement from my couch. Occupiers accomplished nil and now ideas of bank runs are at play, which cause immense financial crisis resulting in long economic recessions and enormous financial clean ups.

Start-ups account for most new job creations. Volunteer while developing your business plan. Pick something, homelessness, child abductions, AIDS, soup kitchens. All Saints feeds the homeless on the UES every Friday from 8-12. Choose action over nesting, Occupy Noun Street. Help us, help you.


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