Things I'll Never Understand Part 2

[adsenseyu5] 1. What Three Dog Night meant by "1 being the loneliest number." Honestly, "0" is the loneliest number--it has nothing, what could be more lonely than that?

2. Why Republican's have names like Newt and Mitt, while Democrats' are okay with Joe.

3. Why we dress our children like clowns before the age of two and then become confused when they develop Clown Phobia as adults.










5. How to be comfortable in a modern house.

6. Why plates are hung on walls for decoration. We always used these to eat growing up.

7. Jehovah Witness recruitment – If your going to compete with me to get into heaven why do you want me on your team?

8. Dogs without tails.

10. A. Glamour Shots. See photos, these are not your friends. B. The need to caress collars while posing. (No there was no confirmation on the sex of picture 2.)



















11. Paying more than $12.99 for a bottle for wine. I only go for the $12.99 bottle to look like I know what I’m doing, but can tell no actual difference above the $6.99 mark.

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