Romance Between a Cigarette and her Lighter

[adsenseyu5] Cigarette and Lighter enter a counselor's office.

Counselor: So what seems to be the problem in the relationship?

Cigarette: Our sparks were robust in the beginning, dinner provided a constant flare. Now, I'm more interested in him than he is me--I'm dependent on him for my sparkle. Sure, other Lighters come along, but they just don't glow for me. Something about his flame keeps me going.

Lighter: Ciggs is right, it was great at inception, and the flicker was genuine. I'm now feeling taxed-her need for flare is overwhelming. Ciggs won't use any other Lighter. She's demanding, I always have to light. My flame is addictive but I can't be responsible for Ciggs' happiness.

Cigarette: I know I'm not enough for him. He was obsessed with smoldering in the beginning. Always wanting to light me and smolder, light me and smolder. I burn too quickly for him now, and I just can't burn enough! He sneaks into the washing machine to get away from me. His Drying time now takes priority over Smoldering and Lighting, Smoldering and Lighting.

Lighter: She's right, I hide in Pants to find quiet time. Washing Machine allows me to plan my future while cycling in solitude to my zen place. Drying-out provides me with the solace I need to develop my business plan sans Ciggs' demands. I really want to move on to greener pastures. I'm more interested in igniting these and encouraging global warming. What about Lighter Uprising? I can't do this one Filter at a time. Ciggs is holding me back.