Am I Erin Brockovich? No, but I am a Detective

[adsenseyu5] Special Interest Groups at their finest. A village with 4,000 people in Pennsylvania received leasing offers from Range Resources hoping to use their land for fracking, with the ability to drill thousands of miles under their property, and two miles in any direction. Range Resources offered more money than these people would see in their entire lifetimes, so most accepted. Fracking is not a fraternity hacking system, but a way for natural gas companies to pump vast quantities of water, sand, and chemicals miles into the earth to free gas bubbles from ancient rock. It has brought 23,000 new jobs to the area. Hotels are packed, restaurant's sales are up, and they even have newly paved roads! Bling, freaking, bling.

Stacey Haney lives in the village as a single mother of two, with more animals than a circus. She signed the lease in 2008. At the local fair in 2010 Stacey ran into a horse trainer, Beth Voyles, who had also signed the lease the same year. Beth's 1 1/2 year old boxer had just died unexpectedly. Stacy and Beth's series of unfortunate events follows.

Disclaimer: Range Resources only uses ethylene glycol in the fracking process so I've come up with some possible scenarios for what really happened to the 'victims' in this story.

1. Both Stacey's and Beth's dogs died unexpectedly. Likely story. A copy of "The Pact" was seen floating around both their kennels shortly after their body's were found.



2. Beth's boxers began to abort litters and birth babes with legs missing. Babes were born with cleft-pallets--probably seeking donations from the Smile Train--and/or the litter would die all together--once again 'The Pact' comes to mind. Family traditions are strong for a reason.

3. Stacey's faucets began to eat themselves, along with her washing machine, hot water heater and dishwasher--clearly falling prey to Kenmore commercials with feeling of inferiority. When Stacey showered, she received a complementary fragrance from Range Resources called *"Rotten Eggs and Diarrhea".  Mother, She Wrote still isn't sure this complaint is valid.

*only available with lease, no other promos apply for this offer

4. Stacey's son, Harley was playing hooky from school so often that she took him to the doctor, claiming he couldn't lift his head. The cough-cough, doctor said Harley had high levels of arsenic in his blood. Mother, She Wrote says this is just a clear indication that he took playing hooky to the extreme. Everyone knows a body can only ingest small amounts of arsenic without it being traced.

5. Stacey soon tested positive for arsenic, benzene, and toluene in her blood. Mother, She Wrote says Stacey poisoned herself to one-up her son, thus removing him from his Deceptive Hooky Spotlight. As Unknown said, "A Freudian slip is when you say one thing and mean your mother."

6. Beth developed nose and throat blisters, headaches and nosebleeds, joint aches, rashes, an inability to concentrate, along with a metal taste in her mouth. Really? She probably went on a binge, burned her nose and throat numerous times while trying to lite a cigarette, passed-out in the cold to aggravate her joints therefore falling prey to mosquitoes and scratching relentlessly while inebriated therefore causing rashes. All this coupled with eating a bike is bound to make anyone lose concentration.

Update: Stacey and Beth have both moved away from their land and home. Stacey used her first royalty check of $9,000 in the following ways:

1. $4,500 co-pays and deductibles for doctors' visits

2. $1,150 for gas to commute from her children to feeding her animals, because her home was no longer a safe haven

3. $2,700 for taxes on the earnings

4. $750 for a down payment on a camper--Stacey's new home

Legislation Update

1. Who was the Vice President and the former CEO of Halliburton, a Fracking Company in 2005? Dick Cheney, who once tried to shoot our beloved W, spearheaded an amendment that would have required companies like Halliburton to show the chemicals that are being pumped into the ground while fracking--remember, not fraternity slang!

2. Currently, companies in Pennsylvania pay no tax to extract gas. Sweet!

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