Some Things I'll Never Understand


Here's a list of some things I'll never understand.

1. How to fold a fitted sheet. It's best to just crumple it up and put it away. The results are similar to folding, saving time and mental frustration.

2. Why anyone would go to Walmart on black Friday. People actually say yes to 1. Being herded as cattle 2. Stampeded and/or pepper sprayed when my fellow cows get upset 3. Waiting in lines to check out when I could have pressed 'Process' from my computer.

3. Why Mom blogs are all about your kids. I have a child of my own, not interested in yours.

4. That cowboy boots weren't made for squashing bugs in a corner.

5. Theme parks making money in the winter.

6. Vacationing at a ski resort over a beach. You're paying to work.

7. Working out not to lose weight.

8. Dressage - look it up. If you move the muscle in your right upper thigh slightly you are giving a secret signal to 'Black Beauty' and win a price.

9. Why I am the only adult/former child who hadn't seen Chitty Chitty Bang Bang until yesterday. Now I'm certain where the therapy stems from.

10. Toy manufacturer's still make money when all children really need are products you can get from a tree.