Let's Teach Our Children to Lie, Cheat, and Steal!!

[adsenseyu5] An elementary school in Dallas, Texas was given exemplary status--the highest possible academic status--for academic achievement. Sadly, these teachers only taught Reading and Math--the only subjects for which the student's are tested--to their 3rd graders last year. The teachers just invented grades for the other subjects the students should have been taking. So Johnny's 'A' in Social Studies was an invention by his teacher, Mrs. Dbag. He actually missed a full academic year of school in this subject. Parents however, didn't know this, because the school didn't notify them of the curriculum change.

Followed closely behind Texas, is Connecticut with the Idiot Award for slapping cheating teachers with 25 hours of community service, which includes tutoring after-school children. Nine of the twelve accused are teaching once more. 1. Go to school 2. Pick up child 3. Transfer.

This of course is right on the heels of an incident in Atlanta where teachers changed student's answers last July. DC is now under investigation also after a suspicious hike in test scores.

Statistics show that one out of four 3rd graders who have lived in poverty and are not reading at grade level will drop out or fail to graduate by 19--a rate more than 6 times that of proficient readers. If given the option to take my child out of a corrupt public school or wait for the system to fix itself, more parents than not would chose to give their child a better education. This leaves children who can't afford a more expensive education to pay for the defects in our education system. It's honestly maddening. The Federal Education Department's budget is bait for schools whose teachers are spending too much money on erasers and not enough time teaching the next generation. Our Children deserve much better.

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