Refresh Button Syndrome

Are you one of the 3 million people currently suffering fromRefresh Button Syndrome (RBS)? Daily thousands of new cases are being diagnosedaround the globe. If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms, pleasesee your Physician immediately.

Signs and symptoms include but are not limited to:

·        Calluosing of the Fingertips

·        Habitual ‘Emergency Restroom Breaks’ duringclosed door meetings

·        Isolation from family and friends

·        Atrophy of lower extremities or Flat Ass (FA)

·        Spinal Cord Compression

·        Profuse  sweating when Refresh Button (RB) is out ofreach

·        IBS during commutes

·        Insomnia resulting from concern for RB’s safety

·        Feelings of destitution when you haven’t Refreshed

·        Continual Silent Nail Bed Picking (SNBP) time

·        Fear of loss of self-control during poweroutages

·        Nightmares of RB running from you and/or RB sticking

·        Feelings of ownership or domination of the RB

·        Excessive concern for RB’s feelings

·        Uncontrolled jealousy for F4 and F6