Rod Stewart Memoir

Rod Stewart’s memoir is scheduled to be released in 2012,possibly titled, “Some Guys Have all theLuck, Some Guys Have all the Pain.” I have “A Reason to Believe” it’s notgoing to be a National Bestseller, but “Time after Time” lame memoirs getinternational attention. So, “People Get Ready,” this memoir may just surpriseyou.

“Maggie May” or may not be mentioned in the memoir. Beingthe first person to “Oh La La” Rod hasleft her bitter as she is accustomed to calling him late at night repeating “IfLoving You Is Wrong, I don’t Want to be Right,” to which Rob replies, “I’vealready written a song about you ‘Maggie May, I’ve Got My Love to Keep Me Warmnow’”—he claims to have written the song because he’ll never be able to “GetBack” what she took from him.

Anyway, “It’s All Over Now,” as the book is in its lastrounds. We can guess he’ll ramble on about beating thyroid cancer in 2000. ButI have “A Reason to Believe” Rod is going to speak more about “Ain’t Love aBitch the 3rd Time” around. Here are some milestones we can expectto be in the memoir.

·       Rod’s induction into the Rock and Roll Hall ofFame in 1994.  Most of us thought “It’sAll Over Now,” but Rod took “This Old Heart Of Mine” on a “Downtown Train” toget “Cigarettes and Alcohol” to celebrate by “Twistin the Night Away.”

·       Recently Rod was asked about his obsession withFerraris—he  owns 400. He justified thisby saying “They Can’t Take That Away from Me.”

·        Rod did receive his star on the Hollywood Walkof Fame in 2005 but “Didn’t Want To Talk About It.”

·       When heguest hosted American Idol in 2006, his hand was slapped when he noted the “HotLegs” of the only female contestant,he still claims “He Was Only Joking.”

·      Most importantly in 2006 James Brown called himthe best white singer. Rod wept openly as he told James, “You Can Make MeDance, Sing, Anything.” Very profound.

Rod wrote the memoir “All for Love”and begs his fans to buy it and read it as soon as it’s published because “That’sWhat Friends are For.”