While You Were Rearing

Obama speaks to a national group of CEO's at a Business Roundtable today to describe where he stands on the fiscal cliff. Recently telling Bloomberg TV that taxes must increase for the rich not to punish success, but because he wants to give someone who's not filthy rich a chance at joy this holiday season. Republicans remain steadfast to raise revenue only by closing loopholes and deductions, which forces either creative solutions or the bankruptcy of the middle class. GOP will host a Roundtable today as well to toss ideas, with topics to including: denying medication to the elderly and children with cancer whose parents make less than 250K, decreasing funding for disabled individuals and their programs, and putting more blacks in jail. The White House will host the 4th Tribal Nation Summit today. Obama will drink whiskey and play slots with Native Americans. A Trading Post, sponsored by www.beertent.com, will be set up to improv his position on the budget and deficit problems. Starring John Boehner as White Man and Obama as Native American.

Chinese officials boost their economic growth predictions, resulting in the rise of European stock prices. Officials to predict lower growth tomorrow just to f with Europe.

The New Jersey evacuation zone expanded following train derailment and the elevated levels of vinyl chloride, a toxic chemical used in the production of plastics that is often transported as a liquid. Evacuation period is extended for one more day until the fumes can safely escape to a less desired area of the State. When asked for comment, the coast guard said they would only truly become concerned when the fumes reached Philadelphia, as who really cares about NJ.

Oklahoma Supreme Court tossed out two of our nations strictest abortions laws, stating these violate the State Constitution. Oklahoma Attorney General says he'll take it to the Supreme Court since his 5 pregnancies were delivered successfully through his penis and although quite painful, he wouldn't have it any other way. They grow up so fast.

Jack Brooks is dead at 89. Our last link to LBJ. Boo. You didn't hear about this because sadly, no one cares.