Social Media Scandal


Twelve states are revising their social media policies this fall. In Statesboro, GA Lewis Holloway--the superintendent--imposed a new policy prohibiting private electronic communication after learning that Facebook and text messages helped fuel a relationship between an 8th grade teacher and a 14 year-old student.

This is foolish for the following reasons:

1. You're not changing the teacher's motive by limiting electronic communication--you're only making it more difficult for the student to reach the teacher.

2. Pretty sure Priests aren't texting altar boys, but according to Holloway, "our children are vulnerable through new means, and we've got to find new ways to protect them."

3. If we were more focused on school cheating scandals and not social media, maybe our children wouldn't have fallen from top of the class to average in world education rankings.

Social media isn't corrupt. Where are our morals when the people we look to as heroes--coaches, teachers, priests--are molesting our children? I'm blown away that we think limiting a means of access to information is going to change the motives of a pedophile. We need a change of focus. Instead of limiting social media because it may lead to an inappropriate relationship, we should start cutting off appendages. I say this in all honesty. If you were going to lose your penis because you molested someone, you would probably think twice. With this problem solved, we could then move on to getting our nation's children back into 'above average' rankings.