Pilgrim and Indian Folk Tales

[adsenseyu5] Forty-three million turkeys sacrificed themselves for your Thanksgiving dinner this year. More than likely the turkey you're eating is a Broad Breasted White and came from a Butterball plant in Arkansas. Lines in the factory run 7 days a week starting in October so that you can have laughter, gluttony, and booze with your family today.

The first Thanksgiving was in 1621--deer was eaten in place of turkey. If turkey had been eaten it would have been able to fly and more importantly killed in a party of one and not on an assembly line with 10,000 others.

Thanksgiving stories featuring the Pilgrims and Indians.

The Pilgrims came to the land of the free on the Mayflower, landing on Plymouth Rock in 1620.

Fantasy Land: Plymouth Rock

Reality: Plymouth Rock

Fantasy Land: The Indians and Jesus loving Pilgrims co-mingled and their children played together--even going as far as sharing feathers and other Indian garb.

Reality: The Pilgrims werent culturally inviting and didn't stick feathers in their caps. Also, putting one in your cap will not make macaroni.

Fantasy Land: The Jesus loving Pilgrims endured hardships but persevered to became the backbone of our nation with the help of the Indians who gave the Pilgrims maize. In return the Pilgrims put Jesus into the hearts of the Indians.

Reality: In later years after the Jesus loving Pilgrims found they could sustain themselves sans Indians, they gave the Indians blankets sprinkled with small pox in return for their gift of maize.


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