While You Were Rearing - Monday Edition

[adsenseyu5] The between 1st and second class has never been higher. For those who can afford it, Airlines are now charging $15,000 for international flights--offering three course meals and massages on board. For the 99% who can't, the airline is offering a walk through viewing of 1st class free of charge. Rough housing, pushing, and running are not allowed within two feet of the 1%ers, as this could easily disjoint their experience or slip a toupee. Photos are allowed after a signed disclosure agreement. Baggage fees still apply.

Archaic parents with e-readers are demanding their children learn mandates such as shapes and colors the old-fashioned way--even going so far as to sign a petition that their children's finger tips can only turn pages. In a recent consumer case study, vomiting is both easier and faster to clean up on pages as opposed to shiny gadgets.

Google apps for business, Google's cloud communication, is Google's best business application. It's helping Google build social networks. Watch out Facebook, Google + may not be a party of one for too much longer. Google's Marketing Manager will launch a new campaign next month and add a MySpace fan page for Google +.

Cigna will begin selling coverage in India, where 85% of the population is without care. Cigna experienced a drop in share last quarter due to Employee expense healthcare when employees reported high levels of PTSD from denying valid claims.