Childhood Threats, Therapy, and Their Analysis

[adsenseyu5] Jerk a Knot in Your Tail - Two problems surface immediately. One, I don't have a tail and two, if you were referring to my tail bone how would you get it into a pretzel?

Skin You Alive - This phrase alone caused unprecedented hikes in therapy.

Snatch you Ball Headed - How painful.

If you don't stop that crying, I'll give you something to cry about! - One, I'm already crying so you don't need to give me anything. Two, thanks for being thoughtful.

You better straighten up and fly right or I'll knock your teeth down your throat and you'll spit 'em out in single file - Hmmmm, spit them out single file. That's a little too type A for me. I also get discouraged with redundancy.

Get your butt off your shoulders! - How would one's butt make it to their shoulders? And how would removing my butt from my shoulders make things better?

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