Tuesday's Top 3

1. New York Times CBS pollproves Americans have never been so distrusting of their government. Accordingto the poll, 84% disapprove of the job Congress is doing; 15% demand to know what‘Congress’ is; and 1% are happy with their home in Greenwich.

2. Makers of medical devices now lobbyfor a quicker regulatory process—donating 3.3 billion to political candidates overthe last five years. Eric Paulson was given 74K after sponsoring a bill tomake it easier to bring these to the market. Of course he doesn’t plan on usingthese; he’ll manufacture his own medical device with the money they gave him.

3. Chinauses ‘Social Responsibility’ in a sentence, making strides to perfectdesalination. China predictsa worldwide demand for desalination—soon our water will be ‘Made in China’ too. 

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