Occupy (yawn) Wall Street

Bill Clintonsaid it best, but I said it first. Come on you were the President, so maybeyour delivery was better. Your approach will get you nowhere. With no clearleadership, and no apparent objectives, you continue to just increase traffic. Yes,Tahrir was a grassroots movement as well, but they had a definitive goal. Whatis your goal? You're continuously saying ‘We don’t need a leader, were here as the99%.’ Ok, well that's bullshit, and you'll still be the 99% in sixmonths. When you say you’re the 99%, you’re essentially saying I have a leg.You get no special treatment by having a leg. I’ll help you and write thescript for your new signs pro-bono.

‘I Have A Leg, This is So Not Over'

‘I Have A Leg and Have Been Robbed of my Future’

‘Were not Fish, Fish don’t have Legs, Put away the Nets’

‘Ignore Me and My Leg- Go Shopping’

‘Police—Protecting and Serving the Shit out of My Leg’

‘People with Legs have Rights-Defend Occupy Wall Street’

‘People with Legs over Profit’

‘Arrest One of Our Legs and Two More Legs will Appear. We are Legs and Weare Many. You Can’t Arrest an Idea, We are the Legs.’

'My Leg is Waking Up. Be Nervous. Be Very Nervous. Marie Antoinette Wasn't.'