Got Pus?

1% Got Pus? A reason the 99% may protest.

Who’s disturbed that your cappuccino was coated with pus? Unless it’sorganic, your milk is served with the Bovine GrowthHormone (BGH), a GeneticallyModified Food (GMO) manufacturedby Monsanto and injected into cows bi-monthly, forcing them to produce moremilk than their bodies are able to naturally. The Land of the Free refuses tolabel GMOs—even though countries such as China and Russia label theirs. Along with pus, you are also taking in illegal antibiotics, and cancer accelerating hormones. Nice!

Let’s talk pus. Pus is addedto your milk when the cows get udder infection’s called mastitis.

Child rearing women know howexciting mastitis is, but for everyone else, this is an unbearably painfulinfection in which your boobs have their own heartbeat. Cows get mastitis whenthey are generating an unnatural amount of milk. Mastitis equals more pus,which is then squeezed in to your milk cartridge. How thoughtful. I can offeryou tea, coffee, or milk with puss?

We now must to give thesecows antibiotics—we certainly don’t want the infections to diminish their milksupply. Thankfully, the FDA tests the milk for high levels of legal antibiotics.If these are found in the milk, the farmers are fined. As an avoidance, thefarmers use illegal antibiotics—the ones the FDA doesn’t test for—to treat thecow’s mastitis. Who’s feeling a bit uneasy?

Now we can talk cancer. BGHworks by increasing the growth hormone (gIGF-1) in cows—multiplying cellsrapidly and forcing the cows to generate more milk. This growth hormone(gIGF-1) is then transferred into your milk—making you more susceptible to cancer, because as we all know cancer is just the uncontrolled growth ofabnormal cells. This growth hormone is not destroyed during pasteurization or digestion, making it biologically active inhumans, and associated with numerous cancers including breast, prostate, and colon cancers.

So unless you have a desirefor your children or animals to grow boobs, take in illegal antibiotics and bemore prone to cancer I would buy milk labeled Non rBGH. As long as your childrendrink milk or eat butter, ice cream, cheese, or yogurt with BGH they are eatingpus.

Thank you to Ari Levaux for your article about GMO (Genetically ModifiedOrganisms).