Glorified Snuggies

Honestly, these are vile. Would you wear a quilt to pick up milk? Theseshouldn’t be worn privately, let alone flaunted to run errands. Ladies, cloaksare the enemy. These designers were thoughtless about your reputation. Apparently,women eager to experience a different era are driving this movement. I would trygoing to the Renaissance Festival—these consequences are much less dire.
According to Estee Stanley, who has worked with actresses such asJessica Biel, “Cloaks just have that polished, put-together feeling that youdon’t always get from a jacket or trench coat.” I’m clueless what is polished aboutcloaks. Awkward comes to mind, along with a Goodwill donation, but not polished.Isn’t this just a comforter with a hole?
As a reference, I am enclosing a picture of a ‘confused model’ wearing aglorified snuggie. Evidently, even trained professionals don’t know how to wearan afghan.