Hunker Down and Other Silliness

[adsenseyu5] Words and phrases that drive Mother, She Wrote crazy, in no particular order of hate level.

1. Hunker Down, Take Cover's older, more established, college graduate brother.


2. Humdinger. Similar to 'really good' only lame.


3. Mustache. These should really be regulated.
4. Phalange. Let's just go with finger on this one.
5. Scuttlebutt. A Rumor born on a doily.
6. Nibble. Making references to bunnies all day every day.
7. We're Pregnant, an easy way to confuse children before Sex Ed.
8. Reiterate. Just tell me again, but don't waste my time on a four syllable word.
9. Pussy Footin Around, I could barely type this one.
10. Brunch. Are you breakfast or lunch? Similar to the hatchback, brunch can't make a decision, or did breakfast and lunch just have a baby?
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